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Jewelry Repair in Kalispell - Restore Your Precious Pieces

At Coins & Carats, we specialize in reviving your valuable jewelry, ensuring it retains its story and shine. Our personalized services in Montana cater to each piece's specific needs, from simple polishes to complex repairs. Trusted by Flathead Valley families for over 30 years, we're committed to excellence and integrity, treating your heirlooms with the utmost care and becoming part of a legacy of trust and craftsmanship.

Local Repair

Our team of skilled artisans is adept at handling a myriad of jewelry repairs. From intricate beadwork to gemstone resetting, our experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle each task with precision. With years of experience under their belts, they ensure that each piece, whether a contemporary design or an antique heirloom, is treated with the utmost care.

At Coins & Carats, we prioritize your convenience. Drop off your jewelry at our store, and our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment. Post-evaluation, we'll provide you with a detailed overview of the necessary repairs, ensuring transparency every step of the way. Our goal is to make the repair process smooth and hassle-free for you.

Types of coins that we buy in gold and silver bullion

Skilled Jewlery Repairs

Quality is at the heart of our services. We employ the latest techniques and tools in the industry to ensure that your jewelry is restored to its former glory. Each repaired item undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring that it meets our high standards of craftsmanship and durability.

Your jewelry is more than just an accessory; it's a testament to memories, moments, and milestones. We recognize the stories and emotions tied to each piece. By choosing Coins & Carats for your repair needs, you're opting for a service that values and preserves those memories as much as you do.

Types of coins that we buy in gold and silver bullion

Frequently asked questions

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How much will the repair cost?
This varies dramatically by piece, the repair needed, the metal, the type of stones and various other variables. Just bring the piece in and we can give you a free quote.
How long will the repair take?
Our typical turnaround time is 2 weeks, but can vary throughout the year to be much quicker or slightly longer, particularly during the holiday season.
Can you repair any type of jewelry or specific materials/brands?
We mainly repair silver, gold, platinum and palladium. We repair all types of jewelry including chains, pendants, rings, bracelets and much much more.
Will the repaired piece look the same as before, or will there be visible signs of repair?
Usually the piece will come to you looking brand new! If there are any visible signs of repair, we will tell you ahead of time (for example, some types of chains will have a visibile solder mark after repair)
Do you offer cleaning and maintenance services alongside repairs?
Yes! Come in for a free jewelry cleaning and check!