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Historical Photos of Downtown Kalispell, Montana

Coins and Carats is proudly located in Kalispell Montana's historical main street. Situated at 237 Main St in what is often known as the Knight and Twining building. In 1908, W. R. Twining and E. C. Knight built a brick business block in Kalispell, with Jack Stahl, a skilled bricklayer, working on the construction. The block, completed in September, featured ornate brickwork and a central pediment with the initials 'K&T,' and housed a rooming house with modern amenities like steam heat and electric light. Noted photographer T. J. Hileman established a studio there in 1916, which remained until 1938, and he remodeled the storefront in 1936 with Vermont granite trim. After Hileman, the building served as Alton Pearce’s drug store from 1938 to 1975. The building retains many of its original features, including a metal ceiling, wainscoting, transomed doors, and steam radiators.

  • Knight and Twining Block, corner view

    View of the Carter Mercantile Co., the Masonic Temple, K&T Building, and the Montana Meat Market, from the corner of Third St., East, and Main St., looking north, Kalispell, Montana; an electric street lamp hangs from a wire over the dirt street as people walk on the sidewalk. Catalog #948-815 Source: Montana Historical Society Research Center Photograph Archives, Helena, Montana

  • View Looking North on Main Street, Kalispell, Montana 1923

    Angled view to northwest from east sidewalk on Main Street. Decorative street lamps line the sidewalks on both sides and numerous automobiles are parked along the street, one driving in the street, while people walk on the sidewalk. National Park Highway signs are pasted to two street lamps. Visible buildings and establishments include (from left to right) Kalispell Drug Co., The Palm Bowling Alley, Kalispell Hotel, McIntosh Music House, Opera House, Glacier Park Garage, National Hotel, Listle Cafe, Glacier Park Cafe, McCutcheon's Cafeteria, Cannon's clothing store, Jones Drug Co. and the Ford Hotel. Catalog #948-823 Source: Montana Historical Society Research Center Photograph Archives, Helena, Montana

  • Photo taken inside at the soda fountain

  • Historic postcard of Main Street

  • Inside the Alton Pearce Drug Store

    Alton Pearce Drug Co., a family drug store (at 237 Main St.) that the Pearces kept for more than 40 years.

  • Historic parade down main street, Kalispell MT