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Montana's Top Coin Collecting Destination!

Join us in a journey through time with rare and collectible coins that tell the story of America's past. Montana's Largest Coin Dealer offers an extensive collection of US rare coins, including sought-after graded coins. With a vast inventory not fully displayed, we recommend coming prepared with a wishlist or simply letting our experts guide you through finding the perfect piece within your budget.

A Treasure Trove of Collectible Coins

At our store, treasure hunting becomes reality. Our resident expert, J.B., brings a lifetime of passion and knowledge to our collection, ensuring a diverse array of coins for every collector. From the shimmer of graded gold to the crisp legacy of rare paper money, we're here to help you discover a piece of history to cherish or gift.

Jewelry inspection for an appraisal under a microscope

Reliving the Silver Dollar Legacy

Dive into the rich narrative of Montana's silver dollar heritage, preserved and celebrated at our family-run store. With two generations of experience, we pride ourselves on a selection of coins that reflect our state's unique history, including a wealth of PCGS and NGC certified coins, ensuring value and authenticity for collectors and investors alike.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us at 406-752-2646

How do I start collecting or investing in rare coins?
Begin with research and develop an understanding of the types of coins that intrigue you. Establish a budget and learn about coin grading, as it's a vital aspect of valuing coins. Our experts are available to help guide you through the process, ensuring you make informed decisions in your collecting or investing journey.
What should I bring if I want my coins evaluated?
Bring any coins you suspect might be of value, especially those with rare dates, minting errors, or in high-grade condition. Our specialists are keen to examine these coins and can provide insights into their potential value and collectability.
Can you tell me more about coin grading?
Coin grading evaluates the condition of a coin on a 70-point scale, where 1 represents the worst condition and 70 signifies a perfect mint state. Understanding the grading scale, and terms like 'Good' (4) and 'Fine' (12), is crucial for assessing value and making purchases.
What makes a coin valuable?
A coin's value hinges on rarity, demand, silver content, condition, and historical significance. Graded coins, particularly those certified by PCGS or NGC, often carry a premium due to their verified authenticity and condition.
How can I be sure I’m getting a fair price for my coins?
For a fair price, compare your coin's attributes with current market rates, seek advice from multiple reputable sources, and consider obtaining a second opinion. Staying informed and understanding the market is the best approach for fair transactions.