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Jewelry Repairs

Easy or Complex, all jewelry repair performed on-site

Most jewelry stores, especially chain stores ship jewelry off-site for repair. Our repairs never leave the safety of our store. They are secured at night in our safe and worked on by a Master Goldsmith, formerly producing jewelry for Tiffany and Co.

Always feel free to come in for a free check of your jewelry, and a free cleaning and buffing!

Fine jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear, and it is common for stones to loosen over time. When having it repaired, choosing a trusted jewelry is a must. With almost 30 years in the valley, we provide an excellent option; which, when combined with our valley-best prices makes an easy decision. 

We provide a massive selection of jewelry options, including ring sizings, prong retipping, soldering, rhodium plating and reshanking. We can set stones, take stones out or put in new heads or replace melee. We can also work on custom jewelry, and fix a plethora of problems that may arise. Tightening loose stones can be common on many custom designed pieces from other shops.

If any concern still exists, feel free to ask to see your own diamond under the microscope before leaving it. We can show you the unique characteristics of your own diamond so that you know you are receiving your own stone back. 

Bring in your piece

We are located at 237 Main Street, downtown Kalispell. We are open Monday - Friday so feel free to bring in the pieces for a quick turnaround!