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Montana Sapphires, Montana Yogo Sapphires: Montana Sapphires halo set earrings, pendant, rings

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About beautiful Montana Sapphires

Montana sapphires, especially Montana Yogo Sapphires, have been acknowledged worldwide as some of the highest quality sapphires available. Competing with even the most brilliant Sri Lankan stones, these gems with their spectacular rainbow of colors and pristine clarity are a must have stone. 

Most of the sapphires from Montana are a pale green to blue-green when they are mined, with very limited numbers of deep blues and other fancy colors such as yellow, orange, violet and pink. Montana sapphires are members of the corundum family, which includes both ruby and sapphire. Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and it is quite tough, making it perfect for engagement rings.

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Because Montana sapphires are absolutely beautiful stones, many jewelers in the Flathead charge way to much for the gemstones. You should always check with us for a competitive price before making a final purchase. We have been custom making sapphire jewelry for over 27 years now, and have produced some absolutely stunning pieces.