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Questions about Selling Your Gold and Silver Jewelry

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Best Price

We consistently have the top prices for scrap jewelry in the entire Flathead Valley. Always make sure to come to us for a free quote before making your final decision to sell. 

What does "karat" or 14k mean?

Most gold jewelry is stamped according to the percentage of gold in it, although not always. A karat is representative of how much gold is in the ring. 24k gold is 100% pure gold, whereas 18k gold is only 75% pure gold and 25% other alloys. Gold jewelry usually ranges from 8 to 22k gold. 

What is white gold?

White gold does not exist in nature, only yellow gold does. White gold is made by mixing 10 parts white alloys in with 14 parts yellow gold. So 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold have the exact same amount of gold in them, but white gold has a white color. Most white gold currently is coated, or plated, with a rhodium finish. This is why after wear, it will begin to turn yellow. Rose gold, or pink gold, is just like white gold, but the 10 parts other alloys (usually copper) make it appear to have a pink hue.

What is my silver flatware worth?

Because of the extremely low demand for sterling silver flatware, most sets around the nation are being converted into instant cash. Feel free to bring in your set for a free quote.

Sterling silver flatware can be valuable because of how much silver is in it. Real sterling silver flatware is often stamped "sterling", or ".925". 

Rodgers, triple X, silver plate, electroplate, es, and German silver are usually not silver. 

Do you buy diamonds?

If the diamond is a high enough quality, we will buy it as well as the gold setting. Feel free to bring it in to get a price. 

Selling a ring? Check with where you bought it!

We always purchase back rings that we sell, and most reputable jewelry stores do the same. We will look at all ring and give our best scrap price, or the price we would pay for the center stone, and the underlying gold in the setting.